Busted…and More

Last night was our second successful attempt at Poker Night – it went well, despite my being the first one out of money. We had seven people playing, and since the main card shark (Jonathan), was not in attendance, we all felt we had a chance to take home lots of change!

In the end, the three ladies ended up watching the men play a few hands until we finally conceded that it was a near even split. I don’t remember the exact totals, but I know that Ace & Anthony took home the most combined “couple” money, Rob and Tina came in second, and Denis and I third (but Tina and I didn’t have money, so technically it was just Rob and Denis taking home money). Poor Meredyth ended up busted – the big goose egg, no cash. But to be fair, she ended the night in fifth place (out of seven) despite not knowing how to play poker that well, so in my opinion she did great! At one point she was down to A SINGLE DOLLAR and managed to build her chips back up to $5-6, which was impressive.

A nice surprise during the game was an ice cream birthday cake from Carvel for my birthday. Huzzah! Ace also gave me a nice framed picture of a horse, in honor of my opinion of “Equus”, that crappy horse movie I watched a few weeks ago. Hilarious.

CootieGirl had fun walking around during the party – she’s quite the pro now and even let us put shoes on her yesterday. So we put her in a nice party dress and let her preen for the guests for a while before she konked out in her bed from all the excitement.

She slept all night and woke up promptly at 6:15 p.m. (not seeming to care that her parents hadn’t gotten to bed until 1:20 a.m. themselves). Denis got her morning bottle from the fridge and brought her into bed with us, and I smelled sour milk. That concerned me – she had had a bottle last night just before going to bed and I wondered if she had gotten sick in her crib. Denis thought it was possibly her diaper, which still needed to be changed. CootieGirl finished her bottle and sat up and smiled at us, playing momentarily. She was sitting there, facing us both in bed, when she suddenly let out this HUGE burp. Denis and I were just starting to laugh about it when she suddenly projectile vomited all over the bed.

And me.

And so now I’m going to go take my shower.

Happy Sunday, everybody!

Updated at 7:14 a.m.: Slight correction. I went downstairs a moment ago where Denis and CootieGirl were, and presented Denis with his Father’s Day present. I held CootieGirl while he was opening it, and as soon as we were done Ahhhing and Ooohing about his two new crisp Banana Republic shirts, CootieGirl threw up. On me. Again.

She is now in the bath, getting herself cleaned up, and officially, we think she’s got a virus. And I stink.

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  1. Great times this weekend. I hope other than the vomit you had a fantastic Birthday. I just want to take this time and thank everyone at the poker game on Saturday night for treating Anthony and I to lunch at Panera Bread yesterday and to the new Harry Potter Movie. We couldn’t have done it without your support and money. *grin*

    Side Note: Jane, you know you’re going to hang that picture of the horse over the fireplace.

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