Bush Causes US to Lose World Idol Competition

Thanks to George Bush and his aggressive world domination policy, the United States came in a distant second to Norway in the first ever World Idol competition broadcast on Fox TV tonight. Because the rest of the world hates Bush, they took it out on poor talented Kelly Clarkson and sent her home with her suitcase and without the championship she so obviously deserved. Maybe the next world-friendly Democratic President will help put the U. S. of A back where it belongs in the first place! Good going, Bush. Thanks for the backlash!

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  1. wait, what is it you are *really* afraid of Denis? That your fellow americans might think that America is not number one at everything? That there are people out there who can be better than Americans??? Scary idea indeed….
    Of course, Canada finished 6th… isn’t that always our lot in life….

  2. Denis, come on. You are now really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something to blame Bush about. May I assume that your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek? That can’t be comfortable. 😉

  3. Yes, Marmie, the tongue is well in place. Glad you could recognize that. I still blame Bush though. Althought that guy from Norway was very good and deserved to win.

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