Buffy/Angel…NOT going the way of Seinfeld

You know what I love most about “Buffy” and “Angel”? The fact that the actors have been able to move on into other projects so easily. With “Seinfeld” those poor actors were basically rejected by the TV-watching public – none of their new post-Seinfeld shows ever took off.

Not so with Buffy/Angel folks.

Alyson ‘Willow’ Hannigan is now on “How I Met Your Mother” – not the best show, certainly, but their numbers are high so it’ll probably stick around a few seasons. Has movies in post-production.
David ‘Angel’ Boreanaz is now on “Bones” – another show that isn’t too great, but it also has decent ratings and might last a couple seasons, which is longer than Jason Alexander’s “Listen Up” ever lasted. Has movies in post-production.
James ‘Spike’ Marsters will be appearing this season on “Smallville” as the soon-to-be Brainiac.
Nicholas ‘Xander’ Brendan is on Fox’s “Kitchen Confidential”, a show I love and if the network does right by the witty show, should be on for many seasons to come. Has movies in post-production.
Charisma ‘Cordelia’ Carpenter is now on “Veronica Mars” this season – a brilliant show that never disappoints. Has a movie in post-production.
Seth ‘Oz’ Green is now doing voiceovers on “Family Guy”, a cult hit that just won’t die despite lackluster ratings (it was the rabid fanbase that brought this show back on the air). Two movies in post-production.
Marc ‘Riley’ Blucas continues to do movies
Amber ‘Tara’ Benson has three movies coming up
Danny ‘Jonathan’ Strong has a couple movies in post-production.

So you see, there is definitely no curse in being from a hugely popular cult tv show, despite the apparent “Seinfeld” curse that started the whole theory.

Oh, and for you Amy ‘Fred’ Acker fans, she’s going to be on “Alias” the next two weeks. Sure, “Alias” jumped the shark at the end of Season Two, but I still watch it. And if you like Amy Acker, you should too. On another “Alias” note – Michael Vartan is guesting on “Kitchen Confidential” in November. Nice.

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  1. That’s because Buffy and Angel were never the hits that Seinfeld was and no one cared about their characters on those shows and couldn’t care less about them on their new shows. Sorry to burst your bubble. Buffy, you’re no Seinfeld.

  2. Well of course Buffy is no Seinfeld – they are completely different genres catering to completely different audiences. What I’m saying is that the buffy/angel folks did not suffer the same typecasting rejection that Seinfeld did. I would think it would be harder to recover from being on THE VAMPIRE SHOW as opposed to a popular comedy. Typecasting would seem inevitable for a goth show hit (and yes, it WAS A hit even if it didn’t have the amazing number of viewers that Seinfeld had). If you want to compare comedies, compare Friends and Seinfeld – Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston have all done well post-Friends, as had the guy who plays Joey (whose name suddenly escapes me!!! :11doh:). Matt Leblanc! That’s it. :beerchug:

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