Brunch Foods?

If you were hosting an informal brunch for 12 people, what foods would you have? Here’s my list so far:

Bagels/cream cheese
Assorted muffins
Cottage Potatoes (basically cheesy hash browns)
Fruit/Cheese platter
Egg Casserole
Monkey bread (it’s like cinammon biscuits)

I’m also planning on pulling out our griddle which can make a dozen silver dollar pancakes all at once – I’ll make those to order for anyone that wants them right when the food is served.

It’s not a sit-down brunch – it’s almost like a buffet brunch. So what other foods can I supply?

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  1. I think you have a wonderful selection. If you want to simplify, you can cut out the cheese since there will be cheese in the potatoes and make it just fruit (fresh fruit cut up in a bowl), and everyone will go for the monkey bread so you can cut out the muffins. That will save some space, effort and money. You’ll still have plenty of food for everyone. Yum Yum!!

  2. I’ll make fruit salad like I made for church last week instead of just a fruit platter. That went over well.

    Deviled eggs?
    Spinach artichoke dip?
    Pig in a blanket?
    Mini quiches? (sp?)

  3. Jen emailed me a great egg dish, so we’re covered on that front. NO DEVILED EGGS. Those things are nasty. :puke:

    The fruit salad would be great (yummy yummy, you know).

    No spin/art dip – that’s not breakfasty.

  4. This is a brunch, right? A meal between breakfast and lunch, right? This isn’t breakfast. Just want to make sure.

  5. Brunch is hearty meal that falls between the breakfast and lunch time frame, but is a meal in its own fashion that replaces the other two. One would not have brunch and then have lunch. Unless they are afraid they’ll be hungry later. 😉

  6. I could have breakfast, brunch and lunch, but that’s just me. I like to eat. *lol* Thanks, Marmie.

  7. The beautiful part of most of your menu is that it can be prepared in advance. Quich can be made in advance, even frozen, and then warmed before serving. It’s a great standby.

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