Broken Trees

In the big thunderstorms we had a couple weeks ago, one of the pear trees in our backyard snapped in half, dumping its huge branches in our neighbor’s yard. We quickly brought the branches back into our yard, and determined that it would probably be a wise idea to clear out some of the trees in our backyard for safety reasons.

So, we’re cutting down the other pear tree as well – it’s already leaning toward the neighbor’s yard and would probably snap in the next really high-wind storm we get. Better safe than sorry – it’s coming down. Looking at the tree last night it made me wonder how the pear tree is doing that I planted in our NJ house about five years ago. Maybe I’ll ask my neighbors to take a picture of it for me so I can see it (if the new owners kept it).

There are also two trees in the back corner of our yard which are coming down. They are thin-trunked trees but REALLY high (at least 100-200 ft tall). Lastly, in the clump of trees in the middle of our backyard we’re taking out two more thin-trunked trees, one of which is also on a lean – in the direction of our house! It’s not a terribly tall tree (probably 100 ft max), but it’s leaning enough to make me nervous that the thin trunk could snap. So it’s gone.

You may think that cutting down 6 trees will reduce our privacy, but not so. We’ll still have three really large trees as well as 4-5 other medium sized trees around the backyard that will provide shade and privacy as needed.

The price quote we got from the service we called was great, and they are at the house even as I type cutting the trees and removing all the debris.

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    What about all the birds and bees and forest animals that make their homes in those trees? Let me guess you already sprayed poison last week cause you wanted to rid your life of not only flora but fauna as well.

    **chokes from lack of oxygen**

    JK (totally)

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