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I just got off the phone with Broadway Girl, my temp replacement at my old job. Today they officially offered her the job and she accepted, so she’s now my permanent replacement! I gave her advice when I was leaving on how to handle possible offers and she took my advice and came out an absolute winner. I know she’s relieved, and I’m sure my company is as well, to have someone responsible in that position!

They haven’t filled Cute Admin’s old spot yet (I forgot to ask of Hot Admin was still temping).

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  1. Indeed, Hot Admin is still temping… and, believe it or not, I (better known as Cute Admin) am in for a few days for Mare-Bear… it’s a tangled web we weave here!! Miss you – it’s just not the same.

  2. CA – glad you were able to fill in for MB while she is on vaca! Nothing like a little extra moolah, and I’m sure everyone there is happy to have you visiting again!

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