Broadway Bound…AGAIN

So I read a few reviews of Hugh Jackman in “The Boy From Oz” that has started on Broadway. I didn’t want to see the show because I couldn’t care less about Peter Allen’s life and times. But I kinda wanted to see it because it features a fake boyfriend. After reading the reviews, I decided to plunk down the money and bought two tickets. They are saying that HJ should start practicing his Tony speech now because it’s the best Broadway debut in 20-30 years. That, my friends, is an amazing review.

HJ is signed on to perform for a year (Oct 2003-Oct 2004), so I knew I could get tickets for ANYtime in the next year and be confident that he’d be in it. I also knew that buying tickets to see it in the next couple months and get good seats would be next to impossible now that the reviews have come out praising the show. So I opted to look into tickets later in the HJ run. How much later?

Try July 2004. Yes, I bought tickets for a play I won’t see for nine months. I haven’t done that since I bought “Lion King” tickets about five years ago (then I bought tickets for a show over a year in advance). But you know what?


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  1. Can I go? Can I go? Can I go?

    He will spit on you…how cool is that?! 😆

    And not too many people would be happy with a statement like that.

  2. Jen – Mary has first dibs on the ticket, but if she decides she can’t go as the date comes closer, then by all means you are welcome to it!

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