Breaking In

I forgot to report yesterday that our offices were broken into over the holiday weekend. We’re all a bit confused because there were people working here at various periods all weekend – our analysts are tireless and frequently work all weekend, even on holiday weekends.

But the robbery was really weird. The perp walked by a workspace that had a laptop sitting out. He then broke into the IT guy’s office (which was locked due to the holiday – normally he doesn’t lock it) and ignored the THREE LAPTOPS in the top credenza drawer and instead stole the DVD burner that was UNDER the three laptops. He then proceeded to go to one person’s desk and throw her stuff around and then went back to the color copier area and threw that stuff around and then left.

So, a perp has access to FOUR laptops he could steal, but instead takes a DVD burner that costs what – less than $150? Ridiculous and totally confusing. The cops didn’t know what to make of that one. They did a lot of fingerprinting on the front door and the IT guy’s door, but based on my extensive knowledge of dusting (thank you, “CSI:NY”) they didn’t do a great job, but they did manage to lift a couple prints off each door. They also have a record of who entered our floor throughout the weekend because everyone who comes to these floors has to log in downstairs with an electronic key – no key, no access.

But why take the time to break into a place and ONLY take a cheapo DVD burner? That’s what I don’t get.

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  1. Yeah, that’s what was briefly discussed here – but everyone that works at this company is VERY WELL PAID, so they could easily afford a *better* DVD burner than the one IT guy had stored in his office. And if it was an inside job there was no need to break in – just take the DVD burner one night when no one is looking. I mean, if it’s buried under three laptops, who knows HOW LONG it would have taken IT guy to realize it was gone if there was no sign of break-in.

  2. Totally an inside Job. Probably that guy they fired a while back who didn’t get his just desserts and was seaking revenge.

    There was a guy like that right?

  3. Inside job, but the burner was a red herring. They wanted information, probably took it off of one of the head guy’s machines, or the laptops, trashed the joint to make it look like a robbery. May even have been a “paid” job and the burner was a “freebie” that the perp took as a lark.

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