Normally, I bring in a plain bagel and some yogurt for breakfast at work. Today is a half day, so I thought I’d treat myself and get two eggs and bacon on a roll. Sounds yummy, right? I stop in one place along the way from the bus depot and they are cooking on a hot plate smaller than the one Jane recently bought to make her French toast. Out I went.

I decided to go to the deli across from my office. There were only a few people ahead of me. I placed my order, the grill guy (one of three) repeated it, I thought I was in good shape. As he was about to assemble the sandwich he asked me if I wanted on a roll. Check. Then I watched as he put my eggs on the roll topped with American cheese. That would have been a nice edition if that was followed up with bacon, but alas, I walked out of there with egg and cheese on a roll. Sounds like another bad restaurant review for Cootiehog.

Let me just tell you, this is how my life has been going these past couple of days. Let’s hope this three-day weekend turns it around.

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