Brain Dump

1) Saw a report on Yahoo! News today that people are suffering record low credit scores. Gee, you think? With hundreds of thousands millions of homeowners filing for bankruptcy or simply being irresponsible and walking away from mortgages they don’t want to pay for, it’s no surprise that their credit scores stink. I was telling people at work today that I don’t suffer fools gladly, and this is an exact instance of that. While I know that some people legitimately tried to pay their mortgage and couldn’t, it’s the folks who blatant disregard their responsibility to pay back the mortgage and walk away even if they can find a way to pay it (i.e., take a second job, sell junk online, stop eating dinner out every other night, reducing monthly expenditures). And it’s those people who will complain that their credit scores took a dump. It drives me nuts.

2) Took the kids to see “Despicable Me” over the weekend. All four of us laughed and thought it was a good movie. We have yet to see “Toy Story 3” and may end up waiting for Netflix on that one. There are not really any movies coming out in the near future that we’ll go see in the theater, except for the new “Harry Potter.” Netflix suits me just fine, thankyouverymuch.

3) Work was horrible today. Just a really. really. bad. day. Seriously – by noon I was ready to come home. It’s my first really bad day there since I started in November. My spirit isn’t broken, but it came close today. I couldn’t find parking and clocked in late (for which I got in trouble a couple weeks ago and arranged flex time so that I wouldn’t clock in late anymore). My mini Dwight Schrute bobblehead fell off my desk and split in half. My phone rang once every sixty seconds for almost the whole day. Any attempts I made to finish one spreadsheet were thwarted when my boss would promptly disappear just before I had a question that only she could answer. I was out of sorts all day, and everyone knew it.

4) I took Freddy the Cat to the vet over the weekend and found out today that he has hyperthyroidism and is in the early stages of kidney failure. Monthly meds and food will be about $135, which we can’t afford. So we’ve decided to just make him as comfortable as we can until the kidney failure gets bad, and then we’ll put him down. I think we’ll have about 3-4 months with him, tops. Our other cat, Stinky, started bleeding from her nose over the weekend, and continues to have respiratory problems, so I’m taking her BACK tomorrow for bloodwork to find out what her problem is. Another $150 down the drain for that appointment, I’m sure.

5) The saving grace this week is that the kids are at VBS every night until Thursday. So Denis and I get to enjoy some peace and quiet for a couple hours after work – a nice change of pace. Fortunately, they are signed up for ANOTHER VBS program for NEXT week, so we’ll get it two weeks in a row! WOO HOOO!!!

6) We also went to roller derby this past weekend, where I donated a pint of blood to the local blood donation center in order to get a free ticket to the August bout. The bout was packed and we barely found four seats together! CLTRG lost by a mile to the Cape Fear RG, but it was still a lot of fun.

That’s about it for now. I just wanted to get these items up for those who read here but not at Facebook, or want more detail than what I can provide at Facebook.

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