Boy Howdy I’m Tired

That weekend went on forever, didn’t it? Perhaps that was due to the fact that I don’t think I left my house other than going to the neighbor’s with CootieBoy to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday.

My day with CootieGirl at work went well – although the trudge home was miserable. She was great all day long – everyone seemed to enjoy her presence here (including Most High Senior Banker, who didn’t scream obscenities at me for bringing her in). On the way home it was raining cats and dogs, I had only a clown-like mini-umbrella, CootieGirl fell in a puddle and the bus wouldn’t come. Oh the joys of commuting with a toddler. We eventually made it to the Port Authority and onto a bus home – CootieGirl promptly passed out in her seat. In a nutshell, we left my office around 2:30 p.m. and arriving home around 5:15 p.m.

On Thursday Denis did all the cooking (he’s great in the kitchen, if I haven’t said that lately). His mom and brother came over for the day and we all had a good time – CootieGirl got lots of attention (which she likes), and CootieBoy was in a relatively good mood all day.

Friday was Baking Day. We’re having a party this Saturday night and we always give away cookies to folks as they leave. So Friday I made three batches of cookies and Denis made one. I felt like I was covered in flour all day long.

Saturday was More Baking Decorating Day. I made 2 more batches of cookies and Denis also made two more. We also put up the tree. Denis took CootieGirl out to run errands and while they were gone I put up the tree so that CootieGirl wouldn’t get in the way. When she walked in the house after the errands were done her eyes got wide with surprise when she saw this looming tree in the living room. “Tree!” she said excitedly, pointing at the tree. We put her down for a nap at that point, and while she was taking her nap we put on the lights, garland and ornaments on the tree. So when she woke up from her nap and came downstairs, once again she was delightedly and in awe over the tree. She raced over and promptly began grabbing all the ornaments she could reach. Whenever she touched one that was breakable, we said, “Don’t touch”, and then remained quite or confirmed the ones she touched that she was allowed to investigate. Denis and I tried to guess what her favorite ornament would be – and I got it right. The Finding Nemo ornament won hands down. “Fishes!” she cried, grabbing the ornament. The rest of the day she was obsessed with the tree and the Fishes ornament.

On Sunday we took a break from church and played hookie – we did the rest of our decorating (although not a lot of it since I’m laying low this year). Both CootieBoy and CootieGirl took really long naps, so Denis and I got to just chill out and bake another batch or two of cookies and just do nothing for a couple hours. It was nice and the perfect way to end an otherwise hectic long weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a nice long weekend! I always find that I am slammed with that tired feeling Monday morning as I sit down to work!

    Enjoyed reading about CootieGirl and the tree, I am so curious to see how that one is going to go over in our house!

  2. When my oldest was a toddler and saw the tree for the first time she was so excited, too. She even went to her room and got her cabbage patch doll and held dolly up above her head and said “LOOK!” So cute.

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