I’ve been invited to go bowling with my officemates on Friday. Denis was originally going to go out with his own buds for a night of fun, but he’s letting me go out instead and he’ll stay him with Toddler Daughter and Infant Son. There are nine of us going, with room for three more to go. It’ll be expensive, but it’ll be fun.

They think I’m a ringer because I have my own bowling shoes – but I told them that doesn’t necessarily make me a GOOD bowler, just an enthusiastic one. I’ve told them that despite the shoes I’ve bowled as low as 50 before, but they don’t believe me. They’ll see on Friday I was serious.

It should be fun – I haven’t hung out with them since LAST YEAR’S company Christmas party (which I’m really looking forward to if I can go (I may not be able to now that the church band practice is on Tuesday nights)). And the best part – Rooby* is going! He’s my favorite analyst so I’m thrilled he’s going.

* not his real name – it’s a nickname.

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