Bored Now

So was anyone else amazed at last night’s episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”? I sat slackjawed in front of my television for a good 2 minutes once the closing credits rolled. I like Black Magic Willow – even though she’s wrong for what she did. I cannot WAIT for next week’s two-hour finale.

And I’m sorry for not posting lately – I’ve really not been in the mood, to be quite honest. Haven’t had much to say. Which is rare for me, I know. So let’s see…what can I talk about?

The countdown til my pal Ace moves to NJ is on…seven days to go! YAY!

We’re going to see Star Wars Attack of the Clones tomorrow night – I already bought our tickets. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck.

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    just checked out your homepage. I think its great! Amazed by the clear, tranquil lay-out> “chapeau”

    Tell D I had a good laugh about the sun~worshipper in Manhattan (those city folks (…)

    Hee speak to you soon!


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