Boomerang Bay Beat Belmont!

Today the kids and I were up and out of the house by 9:30 a.m. to go to Carowinds for the day. I had intended to take CootieBoy last night but Denis ended up hitting a happy hour with some co-workers, so I wasn’t able to take him. But this morning I took both kids, with an eye on hitting up Boomerang Bay, which is the waterpark inside Carowinds.

We rode a couple rides before BB opened, which was great. We zoomed to the back of the park and basically hopped on rides without having to wait in line more than 30-60 seconds each! That was nice. We then headed over to BB and after a quick five minute wait the gates opened and everyone who was waiting flooded into the waterpark area and started grabbing lounge chairs and spots to park their stuff. The kids and I snagged three loungers, then stripped, loaded on the sunscreen, and hit the large wave pool closest to us. CootieBoy was anxious to try one of the slides and skittered over to one and began making his way up the stairs. I left CG in the wave pool after telling her where I was going, then joined CB just in time for us to reach the front of the line and zoom down the slide in an innertube. It was a LOT of fun. We then joined CG in the wave pool again.

After about 30 minutes or so we decided to walk further back into Boomerang Bay and see what else was available to do. There was plenty! We spent a lot of time at some water playground that was really for younger kids, but mine enjoyed it just as much.

We continued going further in and found another wave pool and plenty more waterslides. Unfortunately, CB was too short for most of them, but they did enjoy the lazy river ride, and CB and I did ride one more waterslide that he was tall enough to ride.

We then spent the next several hours hanging out at the bigger of the two wave pools, which was a lot of fun. Throughout the day I kept slathering sunscreen on their little arms, necks, shoulders and faces, but they still came away slightly pink but not terribly so. Certainly not as pink as I got last week at the pool.

We came home, made milkshakes, and then CB promptly passed out on the sofa for a while while CG watched TV until dinnertime.

All in all a fun day, but I realized only a little while ago that I completely forgot to tell Mare-Bear how to place my Belmont Stakes bets (her husband makes the trip to OTB on our behalf for the races). I had planned on reinvesting my Preakness winnings on First Dude again, but since that horse only came in third, I would have taken a loss on that bet. The other horse I was considering, Interactif, was seventh. So I suppose it’s just as well that I didn’t place the bet.

Besides, I had a better day just chilling at Boomerang Bay with the kids – and can’t wait to go back! Next time we’re taking Denis with us so that CB and I can ride some of the other waterslides without having to worry about what CG will do while she waits (for some reason she didn’t want to do the waterslides).

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