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Why do I bother reading Danielle Steel? :confused: Everytime I read a book of hers I get to about page 50 and think, “I should write a book – a monkey could have written this one.” :irked:

And yet I can’t help myself. Whenever Ms. Steel comes out with a new book, I buy it. I suppose it’s because I started reading her books when I was a young teen visiting my grandmother’s house during summer vacation. She had a wall of books in her basement and one summer I read every Danielle Steel book she had on the shelves. From then on it just became a habit to pick up her books. I’ve read some real clunkers during the years (big shout out to “Granny Dan” :wave:)

ImPossible wasn’t a clunker by any means – it was actually one of her better plotlines. But I’m getting really sick of the repetitiveness employed by the authors of the last few books I’ve read. If you told me on Page 33 that the heroine has an issue, then don’t remind me on Page 52 and 76 and 95 and 121. I got it the first time. If you have to remind me of it, wait until Page 184 because maybe by then I will have forgotten.

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  1. The only one I still stick with is Nora Roberts. Her novels follow the formula, too, but somehow she still writes well. Her characters are always interesting and that’s what keeps me reading her.

    She has a new-new paperback out this week, btw.

  2. Glad to see I am not the only one that gets sucked into reading her books. I to have read all of them even though they are so very predictable. It’s a sickness really…

  3. I started to say that I used to be sucked in by DS to and then went on to Roberts, but then I realized there were others, like Mary Higgins Clark, Patricia Cornwell and even Tom Clancy. Their writing seems to follow the same formula time after time. But, they serve their purpose as a quick, indulgent read.

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