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Last night I put away some books that I had already read and were taking up precious space on my bookcases. I then put together all the books I have yet to read on one shelf so that I can easily find them. I have 41 books I need to read. This past year I read about 12 books, mainly because I took such a big break from reading during my 3-month maternity leave. Let’s hope this year I can make up for that loss and get more reading done. Although my list is not all pulp fiction – some are pretty hefty and more involved. But since I’m currently reading the LoTR trilogy, I’m definitely going to read a couple fluff books once LoTR is done – although that will be awhile since I’m only just now reaching the end of FoTR.

Maybe I’ll make a list of all the books I need to read in the menu column in addition to what I’ve finished and what I’m currently reading. If I was really good I’d actually LINK all of those book titles so that you could buy them if you felt inclined. But it’s January 2 and I’m feeling lazy, so that may be awhile.

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  1. On LOTR – once you get into The Two Towers the action increases and you get totally sucked in. By the time you get to the end of TTT you won’t be able to sit still until you finish Return of the King. At least, that was the case for me. I’m glad you’re reading them.

    As for the rest, I’d be interested in seeing the list sometime – to compare with my own.

  2. Any Dr. Seuss on your shelf?

    Someone here in my office asked, “Who wrote ‘The Grinch’?” Can you believe it?? YIKES!

  3. i just did a similar thing with my book collection… but i’ve been moving around boxes of my grandma’s books only to discover about 20 more books to read!

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