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I finished reading “Bleachers” the other day – and I’ve come to the realization that John Grisham must have taken a class let by Danielle Steel because he’s the new Danielle Steel.

I’ve read all but two of Steel’s books (I passed on her book of poetry and the one about her deceased son). She has a habit of publishing what I call “mini-novels” in between her longer books. She’ll release two full-length novels and then a few months later a mini-novel will be released just to kind of tide us over as she writes her next long book.

With “Bleachers”, Grisham has done the exact same thing. About 1/3 of the way through the book, when nothing had happened to that point, I thought, “This is a FILLER book! What a gip!” I was frustrated, because I expect that with Danielle Steel, but not from John Grisham.

Bitterly disappointed, I continued on and sighed in sadness when it ended. What a boring non-book. Absolutely nothing happened in this book. Seriously.

1 star out of five – and I’m being generous.

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