Books: A Nora Roberts Two-Fer

I completely forgot to review the first book of the new trilogy that Nora Roberts is working on. So since I just finished the second book, I’ll take the time to briefly talk about both in this one post.

I read Nora Roberts all the time. I know I’ve said that before. But I may stop reading her books. Because much like Danielle Steel, she is getting to be a bit predictable. Much like her other trilogies, this one involves three men and three women who are mystically drawn together to battle some Big Evil – whether it be ghosts, demons, leprechauns, whatever. It always involves some big magick ceremony wherein they chant ridiculous melodramatic phrases and beat the big evil because of Love.

Now, I’m all for love. But the girl has written at least five other trilogies that I can think of that basically have the same premise only it’s a different small town with characters who have different names but essentially the same personalities (there’s the emotionally-wounded man who is drawn in by the tough but tender female, the sensitive female who is drawn in by the decent upstanding normal guy, and then there is the wisecracking aggressive female who is drawn in by the loner who loves his town). Gah – even writing that frustrates me because I know Nora Roberts can do better.

So yeah, I’ll buy the last book in the trilogy, which comes out in December, but that may be the last of Nora Roberts for a while. I haven’t bought a Danielle Steel book in a couple years now – I think in 2010 I’ll be saying the same thing about Nora Roberts.

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