Book: The Wedding Party

I didn’t buy this book – it was a freebie that I got from a book club member. The cover was colorful and the story sounded mildly interesting. I was in the mood for some pulp fiction, so I gave it a shot.

This entry into the chick lit genre was fun to read. The heroine was an unlikely character – Charlene, a divorced woman, mother to an adult child, successful boyfriend, with a career firmly in hand. Also hanging around is the ex-husband and an aging mother who seems to be losing her marbles. Charlene, in a fit of anger at her ex-husband, asks her boyfriend of 5 years to marry her. He says yes, and suddenly everything breaks down.

At first the book seemed disjointed because the author kept introducing a LOT of characters (Charlene’s clients, her assistant, the daughter’s boyfriend, clients of her ex-husband, to name a few), and they ALL were part of the larger story. In that regard, the story wasn’t JUST about Charlene, but also about her mother, her daughter, her assistant, her boyfriend, her ex-husband, etc.). However, after about 100 pages it finally all came together and the storytelling became more cohesive.

It was a fun book, and I’d recommend it for anyone who wants light reading on a rainy day.

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