Book: In Her Shoes

Author: Jennifer Weiner
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So I finished “In Her Shoes” a couple of days ago. Written by Jennifer Weiner, the same author that brought us “Good in Bed”, I thoroughly enjoyed “Shoes”.

It’s the tale of two sisters who couldn’t be more different – Rose is responsible, slightly dowdy, slightly boring. Maggie is immature, irresponsible and completely devoid of ethics. The novel follows their lives as they become estranged after Maggie does the unthinkable to her sister.

At once witty and tragic, I found myself routing for both women as they find themselves and discover new ways of living life. Jennifer Weiner is a fabulous author and I can’t wait to read many more from her.

Four trips to Princeton out of five.

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  1. I liked Good in Bed more than In Her Shoes. I am looking forward to the movie coming out – I’d like to see who was chosen for the particular roles..

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