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We’re nearing the end of July and it’s time to do a half-year check on my annual reading list. I just finished a book this evening, bringing my total number of books read for 2009 to 12. That’s respectable. I predict my count will go up in August when the kids return to school and I begin walking in the mornings. Remember all that weight I lost December 2007 – May 2008? Yeah, I found it all back again. So I’m planning on starting a walking/jogging routine once the kids are in school. I should be able to crank through the audiobooks by doing that every day.

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  1. That’s great you’ve managed to read 12 already! I should probably work on getting some reading done, with the hectic schedule I think I’ve only managed to finish 3! Good luck with the walking/jogging routine, that really helps keep the pounds off 🙂 Thanks!

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