Bonding With My Kids In Totally Different Ways

CootieBoy and I have the Wii. Sure, he’s not even four and can barely hold both remotes in his hands (and thus has much frustration when he needs to jump in a particular direction as opposed to just up and down). Sure, CootieGirl likes the WiiFit when I bring it out, but EVERY DAY CB asks if we can play “Indiana Jones.”

So while it’s not the most flattering picture of my backside, here we are working on the ‘Desert Ambush’ level (yes, we’re standing – sometimes sitting just isn’t good enough):

As for CG, no, our commonality is not in the shared frustration over going potty. Thanks for asking. No, yesterday it was discovered just how much CG loves techno music. Yep, you read that right. TECHNO MUSIC!!! And it wasn’t even crammed down her throat like I thought it might have to be!

Apparently during the barbie hair tea party she also took the time to take down all the CDs in her room as well as CB’s. One of those CDs just happened to be an old mix CD that I made many years ago – maybe six years? At some point yesterday I heard a song playing that wasn’t her normal fare and said, “What music is that, CG?” I took out the CD and saw it was mine and started to leave the room with it. “No!” she cried. “I like number 15!” I put the CD back and went back downstairs.

This morning I went upstairs just now because CB was calling for me. From CG’s room I heard that steady thumping beat that I know and love. “Mama! This is number 15!” she called out. I walked in and it was FAT BOY SLIM. My girl likes Big Beat!!! Awesome. I love Big Beat almost as much as I love good funky house music. I knew she liked Fat Boy Slim already because one of her favorite songs to listen to in the car is a Fat Boy Slim song (Rockafeller Skank (weird video, great song)) I told her I had plenty more where that came from. I plan on making her her very first mixed CD of good techno music. How exciting.

Could her first rave be very far behind?

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  1. She is beautiful, this will all pass and you will be posting the remember when she cut her own hair posts!!! Some kids her age can’t even use a scissor properly not to mention hair tea, who would have even thought of that? Genius 🙂

    There are days when I KNOW my parents are looking down at me pointing and laughing because Grace is just like me and that is not always a good thing. BUT she is healthy and smart and full of life and I am thankful everyday, even the bad ones, as I am sure you guys are too….look at the picture of the new haircut she is BEAUTIFUL!!

    Cootiepie, indeed.

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