Bob Barr For President? What About Ron Paul?

Here’s my last political post for a while. I really AM apolitical. No, really!

Anyway, I mentioned Bob Barr in my last post and figured I’d introduce him to people here. He’s the Libertarian candidate. For many years I’ve contemplated switching to the Libertarian Party because I agree with a LOT of their platforms. Between these two men, I agree with them on several issues and disagree on several as well. I doubt ANYone in this country is 100% behind every platform position of their particular choice for President. I know several people who are voting based on ONE platform rather than several. But knowing that no one candidate will represent me fully, I wish that our country was more open to allowing third party candidates take a more active position in elections.

Anyway, here are just a *few* of the positions Bob Barr holds that I agree with (taken from his website):

Entitlement Programs: In general, private charity should be the first resort for anyone in need. In 2007, for example, Americans gave more than $300 billion to charity, an increase over 2006 despite growing economic uncertainty. Government should eliminate regulatory barriers that inhibit private philanthropy, and expand tax deductions to encourage charitable giving.

Privacy & Surveillance: [T]he government must be able to confront crime and terrorism, but its powers must be limited to those truly necessary to protect Americans and which are consistent with the Constitution. Also, government officials must always be accountable for their actions.

Education & Home Schooling: School reform starts by shifting control over education from government to parents. We must abolish the Department of Education, eliminate federal grants and regulations, and begin moving power back to the states and local communities. States should consider tax credits or deductions for parents who home school or send their children to private schools. Public schools should be managed locally, increasing accountability and parental involvement.

Property Rights & Eminent Domain: Allowing governments, at any level, to confiscate property without a compelling justification represents a serious attack on fundamental liberty. Government’s most basic duty is to protect individual rights, including that of private property ownership, not to diminish them.

Not for nothing, here are some of Ron Paul’s platform positions that I like:

Budget and Economy: Repeal 16th Amendment and get rid of the income tax. (Feb 2008); Restore GOP by returning to less gov’t & fiscal conservatism. (Dec 2007).

Education: Private funds for arts work better than government funds. (Apr 2008); Close Dept. of Education, but don’t dismantle public schools. (Dec 2007); Encourage homeschooling & private school via tax writeoff. (Dec 2007); Guarantee parity for home school diplomas. (Sep 2007); Abolish the federal Department of Education. (Dec 2000)

Government Reform: Constitution defines much smaller government. (Feb 2008); Voted YES on limiting attorney’s fees in class action lawsuits. (Feb 2005); Voted YES on restricting frivolous lawsuits. (Sep 2004)

Healthcare: Private medical savings accounts, not government meddling. (Apr 2008); Insurance companies & gov’t make healthcare unaffordable. (Oct 2007)

Social Security: Let people get out of Social Security; it’s a failure. (Jan 2008); Allow young people to get out of the system. (Oct 2007); Personal retirement accounts allow investing in one’s future. (Sep 2007); Create personal retirement accounts within Social Security. (Jul 2000)

Tax Reform: Spending money doesn’t stimulate economy; reduced taxes do. (Jan 2008); Immediately work to phase out the IRS. (May 2007); Voted YES on making permanent an increase in the child tax credit. (May 2004); Voted YES on permanently eliminating the marriage penalty. (Apr 2004); Voted YES on eliminating the Estate Tax (“death tax”). (Apr 2001); Voted YES on $46 billion in tax cuts for small business. (Mar 2000); Overhaul income tax; end capital gains & inheritance tax. (Dec 2000)

As I said, there are other positions these candidates hold that I absolutely disagree with, but the above positions show that there are MORE politicians out there than McCain and Obama, and it’s a pity that more Americans don’t take those third party candidates more seriously.

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  1. You raise a good point with this post. I should release my platform. Maybe I can run for president. I was born in the U.S. I’m older than 35 or whatever the age is. Now if I can only get enough signatures. It would be fun to see my name on the ballot. Or this could be a great idea for a screenplay. An average Joe complains that there are no good candidates to vote for President and he gets his name on the ballot. Next thing you know, he’s elected President. Hmmmmmmm….start writing. Jaynee will tell me if there has ever been a movie like this before.

  2. Denis – a movie that’s close. “Man of the Year” starring Robin Williams. A good movie, but the lead character was not an average Joe but rather a late-night talk show host who runs for President as a way to make fun of the candidates, but then wins the election.

  3. i totally agree! i hate that we’re bullied into a “two-party” system, and shamed into thinking that if we don’t vote for the lesser of two evils on the ballot, we’ve helped the greater of evils win.

    i like most of the Libertarian platform, mostly because it ‘relieves’ the Feds of most of its power, and let the PEOPLE decide locally how their cities/counties/states should be run.

    and i LOVE Ron Paul!!

    Annies last blog post..three little girls.

  4. Pick on Denis Day!

    “or whatever the age is”

    I refuse to vote for a man that isn’t sure what the legal age is for becoming President. I think that was Question #2 on the Citizenship test.

    Side Note: I dated a guy that worked for the Libertarian Party. The coolest thing was his name, “Odell”

  5. There’s also “Dave” starring Kevin Kline, but he played an impersonator who was asked to come to the White House to impersonate the President after the real one had a stroke while having relations with his mistress. Dave ends up being a better Prez than the original.

  6. I’m not as elegant as my friend Ed when it comes to politics, nor am I as crude, so I’ve edited his email to me ever so slightly. I asked him what he thought of the GOP convention so far and here is his answer:

    “Now I know what Republicans are against — everyone but themselves. Wait, that’s not right. They are against themselves. At least the selves that have running Washington the last eight years. And they’re against bridges to nowhere. And earmarks. Except for themselves. And exploiting children. Unless it’s them doing it. And their against the media, unless they say nice things about them. They are for abstinence and fiscal prudence, but they’ve apparently been exempted on religious grounds.

    Let’s see what else I’ve learned: moose skinning is perfect preparation for negotiating with Vladimir Putin. And Osama Bin Laden can’t hide from a first hubby on a snow-machine. And a polar bear rug will look good in the Oval Office. And 1960s hair styles haven’t yet reached Juneau. And nothing makes a mom prouder than a daughter impregnated by a tattooed hockey player. And John McCain better live for another eight years.

    Seriously, I think McCain’s strategy and Sarah Palin’s speech prove the effectiveness of Goebbels’ approach to public relations. She might have been a bit over the top and conceivably alienated some people — like anyone with a memory of the last eight years — but assuming no nude pictures of her show up — and my understanding is that millions have Googled for them — she may well be the next Vice President. The Democrats and the liberal media elites are no match for a hockey mom.

  7. Okay, smart guy, what is the age minimum for being President of the U.S.? And tell me the answer without looking it up on the Internet. Don’t worry. I know you already did it. To continue, Ace, I’d say you have to be out of your mind voting for McCain living the lifestyle you do, but I guess the Republican spin machine has sucked you in and gotten its hold on you too. Don’t worry. I’ll save you and vote you out of the magic spell they have you under.

  8. The Age is 35, and no I didn’t look it up (didn’t have too). But, you said “or whatever the age is” right after you said “maybe I can run for President”. I was just making the point that I wouldn’t vote for someone who “isn’t sure” of the legal age a person could run for President.

    What Lifestyle is that?? Gay?

    Just because I am gay doesn’t mean I can’t vote for the right person. My entire life doesn’t revolve around me being gay. I will let you in on something. Anthony and I do better financially being single than we would do as a married couple. We can get a Civil Union in NJ. I think that law was passed 3 yrs now. Have we?, nope. We have it written down in our wills of what we want to happen if something happeneds to one of us. We have already discussed the issue with our families, so we are all set. I am all for equallity, but if the religious people of the world want to keep the “word” marriage, then so be it. They can have it. That is probably the most liberal you will get from me on an issue.

    I always say I am a Moderate Republican not a Conservative Republican. Come to my log cabin, I make a mean waffle.

    “Most” Social and Economical issues I tend to side with McCain not Obama. As I mentioned before, I feel as though McCain himself is a very Moderate Republican. He is no fool, which is why I think he picked a very conservative VP. As with Obama who picked a VP who would fill the holes in his administration in regards to understanding foreign policy.

  9. “…she may well be the next Vice President. The Democrats and the liberal media elites are no match for a hockey mom.”

    At least he too came around at the end of his e-mail.

  10. Ace, thanks for illuminating me on your position. To each his own. All I can say, is we politely disagree. I’ll still bail you out by voting for Obama even though my vote is a waste down here in SC, which brings me to my last point. When are we getting rid of the Electoral College? My vote should count no matter what state I live in — and so should your vote. Red votes should count in blue states and blue votes should count in red states.

    Just like I’m wasting my time voting for Obama in SC, you’re wasting your time voting for McCain in NJ. Wouldn’t you like your vote to mean something? Who do we lobby to get rid of this “college” no one has ever graduated from?

  11. I have a handful of friends who have claimed for the last four years to be libertarian and none of them are voting for Bob Barr. They are supporting McCain.

    I also know a handful of Independents and most of them are voting for Nader.

    I don’t get it.

  12. I have read that a lot of Libertarians don’t really feel Bob Barr is a true Libertarian. I know that a lot of Ron Paul supporters are Libertarian. After for your friends voting for McCain, it’s probably because their vote will be truly “wasted” in this country as long as third parties don’t get equal time and attention. So might as well vote for one of the main candidates.

    NADER is a crackpot. *lol* Never in my dreams would I even CONSIDER voting for Nader.

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