Apparently Cootiehog is listed at BlogShares, but the funny thing is that *I* didn’t submit the site, and the site is listed incorrectly as CootiePIE, despite the link going to THIS site.

But it’s actually listed TWICE – once correctly, once incorrectly. I wonder how I can fix that.

Also amazing, as Cootiepie we’re going for $230 as of this writing.
As Cootiehog we’re only going for $218 as of this writing.

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  1. If you’re linked by anyone you’ll be listed at BlogShares. Once you reach a certain value, you get indexed or something like that. So theoretically, all blogs will be on the list at some point.

    I haven’t checked to see what my value is lately – for the old blog or the new one. I may have to check that out.

  2. My blog is listed twice but both of the addys are correct. The difference is one has a / after the url and the other doesn’t. Strange isn’t it? Hope you have a great day. Be Well 🙂

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