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Last night during “How I Met Your Mother” one of the characters lamented, “You NEVER read my blog, do you?” I laughed, not because of the blogging comment, but because the idea of what would be written on that character’s blog was funny.

Then this morning I read this, in which it states that Barney, the character in question, WILL have an actual blog on the Internet. I know I’ll be checking it out, even if the tv show is lame (although I laughed several times during last night’s nightclub scenes because it brought back lots of happy memories).

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  1. If you Tivo’d last night episode and wish to save it for me, that would be great. Anthony and forgot it was on and watched Wife Swap instead. :banghead:

  2. I did Tivo it, but I’m the one that watches and immediately deletes unless I know I’ll want to watch it again later (which I do with “The Office”. “Mother” is long gone…

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