BlogHer? I Hardly Knew Her!

Be prepared for some snarky ranting. You’ve been warned.

So apparently 50% of all female bloggers in the universe are at BlogHer this weekend. And apparently another 10% of female bloggers are upset that they are not at BlogHer this weekend. And apparently 39% of female bloggers have never even heard of BlogHer. And apparently 1% of all female bloggers just don’t care.

Guess what percentage I’m in?

I read a LOT of blogs, and I also read a LOT of blogs written by females (I’d say 75% of the blogs I read are written by women) (and WOW I am apparently really in love with percentages today). So all this week I’ve been rather bored by The Topic of BlogHer.

1. I’m going to BlogHer! YAY! I’m a cool blogger chick going to meet other cool bloggers chicks!
2. It sucks I’m not going to BlogHer this year. I should be there. I’m a cool blogger and can prove it because I went to BlogHer last year.
3. What is this BlogHer thing that everyone is talking about? I’ve never heard of it – but it sounds cool. Maybe I’ll go next year.

Guess which number I am?

What sucks is that – all next week? Guess what I get to read?

A. BLOGHER WAS AWESOME! I met Dooce! She was SO COOL. And tall. And just as funny in person. She promised she’d visit my blog! Hi, Heather! *
B. It sounds like BlogHer was a blast but you know it would have been better if I had been there again. *hee*
C. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on this BlogHer convention and it is definitely something I want to do next year!
D. Can we talk about something else?

I think you know where I stand.

Look, I have nothing against BlogHer. I think it’s great that female bloggers have banded together to become an online force to be reckoned with, what with their mommies-with-martinis witticisms and reviews of products that sell out after a kind word from one such popular female blogger or another. I think it’s great that female bloggers want to meet together once a year to pat each other on the collective back and have en masse discussions about the legacy that should be left and how to leave it. But geez louise – I’m so sick of having almost every single post that comes through my feeder be #1, #2 or #3 from above. And I know I’ll be sick next week of having almost every single post that comes through my feed be A, B or C from above. Because there is more to talk about than BlogHer.

All I have to say is thank God for the dozen or so personal finance blogs I read, or the many frugal living blogs I read. Because most of those writers aren’t going to BlogHer because they’d rather spend their hard earned money paying off debt, adding $$ to their retirement or buying a house in cash. So at least I’ll have SOME original content to read next week.

And please don’t infer from this post that I’m just bitter that *I’m* not at BlogHer. Because while I would love to be in their ad network to earn a couple extra bucks a month to pay off MY debt, I’m in no particular hurry to attend a conference in which we all sing the female blogger electric.

* Before you get your panties in a wad, I have nothing against Dooce. I read Dooce almost every day. I think she’s funny and cool, too.

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  1. I’m not at BlogHer…blogging doesn’t make me any money, so I am forced to attend business school instead. πŸ™‚

  2. Stacy – but now you don’t have to make money blogging to go. But between you and me? You made the better choice in the long run.

  3. Since I only read about four blogs, down from about four hundred, I didn’t even know it was Bl***** time LOL

    Why in the WORLD don’t you just “mark all read” for a week?

  4. Heh. Karen MEG – I won’t hold it against you that you found my site while googling for BlogHer stuff. Or that you wanted to go. Or that you posted about wanting to go. πŸ™‚

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