Blogging – A Dying Breed?

I’ve been surfing through Cootiehog over the past few days – reading old posts, following categories, searching tags. Just a little bit of fun to remind myself of what Cootiehog used to be. Remember when I did movie reviews and then rated them based on something in the movie? Like for “The Godfather” I’d say something like “5 cannolis out of five.”

Anyway, the point of this post is to lament how many blogs have come to an end in the past year or two. I used to have lots of commenters, and now when I click on their handle to see their log, almost none of them exist anymore. That makes me a little sad. And when I took the time to click into the links in the blogroll in my right column, I ended up deleting more than half – many were shut down entirely, and some hadn’t been updated in a year. I don’t see Cootiehog ever truly ending – even if I end up becoming non-active on it. There are too many stories here. I started the blog in 2001 just after we moved into our first house in NJ. My children are younger than this blog. So the domain, at the very least, will always belong to me.

So I get a little melancholy when I realize that I can’t catch up and see what people are doing – or let those people who were once so talkative on here know that I’m back to blogging more faithfully.

I use Feedly and I’ll admit I only check it once a month, so I know my own readership has gone down. In fact, if someone’s post wasn’t being posted on Facebook (there’s that word again), I most likely didn’t read it. So there are a few people I read faithfully – Fluid Pudding and Amy Bennett, along with some others I can’t think of right now. But not nearly the number that I used to follow with regularity.

Have you noticed less blogging today? Do you still follow a lot of blogs or do you also think it’s a dying breed that has had its day? IF you still visit a lot of blogs, what blogs can you recommend I start reading?

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  1. I read Fluid Pudding, too, but Amy Bennett is a new one for me. I use feedly every day. feedly and a cup of coffee every day after work to unwind. I’m looking forward to reading Amy’s blog. Some of my favorites are Dooce, A Holy Experience, Big Mama, A Quiet Life and you. I’m so glad you are posting again.

  2. I used to read Dooce but stopped around the time she got the deal to work with HGTV. So that was about 2-3 years ago, I think. I tend not to read the SuperBloggers since everyone posts their stuff to Facebook all the time, thus alleviating the need to read their blog on a daily basis – if it’s worth reading, I’ll see it on Facebook.

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