Yeah, I joined it. But I’m not gonna go on and on about it.

Tonight I’ll be at home alone with the kiddoes for a couple hours. Denis is going off to a real estate dinner. Don’t feel bad for me – normally it’s Denis home alone with the kids while I’m off doing church stuff (Synergy on Monday nights, music practice on Tuesdays or Thursdays, Synergy again on Saturday mornings). So tonight I will be giving my dear Infant Son a much-needed bath, I will be finishing the laundry, I will watch “Boohbah” with my Toddler Daughter, and try to get her to use the potty before she goes to bed. Then once she’s in bed I will seek to entertain Infant Son until he falls asleep, at which point I will clean the guest room for my sister’s arrival tomorrow and then put in “Monster” starring my husband’s fake girlfriend Charlize Theron in hideous makeup.

Long night…

Update: I’ve already seen 5 blogs at Blog Clicker that I know are part of Blog Explosion. I’ll bet that in a couple months both places will have all the same blogs and no one will be surfing through them anymore. *lol*

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