Blogathon is This Weekend


I only just now found out that Blogathon is this weekend. Had I known a couple weeks ago, I probably would have signed up to participate to raise money for charity.

So let me ask you – if I were to sign up at this late date – would any of my readers make pledges to make it worth my while? Comment ASAP to let me know, and I’ll consider signing up tonight or tomorrow morning.

Update: Well, I just saw on the forums there that the cutoff for signing up was LAST NIGHT. I’m a bit upset that I got NO NOTICE of a Blogathon this year. You would think they would have emailed all past participants about doing it again. But I got nothing.

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  1. Sorry you weren’t able to participate in this years blogathon :(.

    This is my first year doing it.. I stumbled across it on accident.

    I love your Celebrity Dead Pool!

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