Bleary Eyed

Okay, so this “CootieBoy isn’t sleeping at night” thing is taking it’s toll. For the third night in a row CootieBoy had a really fitful night and as such Denis and I (mainly Denis though) got little sleep. It was my fault, really. At 11 p.m. we went to bed, and I asked Denis if I should move CootieBoy into the crib (he was in the bassinet in our room). He said sure, and the MINUTE I picked up CootieBoy he began coughing and wheezing, which woke him up. I laid him in the crib anyway, where he proceeded to begin crying. I moved him back into the bassinet, but at that point he just wailed and didn’t want to be in there.

Truthfully, I don’t remember how the night went, but I do know he eventually passed out again but woke up at 3 a.m. Denis kindly got up and changed CootieBoy’s diaper and fed him a small bottle but CootieBoyrefused to go back down. Eventually Denis took him down to the living room to try the Baby Einstein DVD trick – which worked Sunday night. But apparently it wasn’t as successful this time around. Denis came back upstairs at 5 a.m. and told me that he had basically been awake for the entire two hours. CootieBoy was placed back in the bassinet, still fussing, and I told Denis to go into the guest room to catch some sleep. After about 30 seconds of listening to CootieBoy cry, Denis left the room.

Now see, I’ve grown immune to CootieBoy’s cries. I’ve taught myself to ignore the crying and let the boy pass out on his own. Denis can’t do that and feels the need to get up every five minutes to check on him. So poor Denis gets NO sleep whereas I get little pockets of sleep when I tune out the crying.

Denis HAS to get a nap today or else he’s going to be comatose at some point. So Denis – take a nap. There’s nothing wrong with laying down for an hour or so to catch up on sleep. Nothing is SO important that it can’t wait one single hour.

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  1. I could use a nap. Yes, it was a long two hours this morning. Off to work I go. Hi, ho, hi, ho.

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