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So the other day I decided to Google a couple friends from my past – I was reading another blog (sorry, don’t remember which one now), and the writer was talking about how she was Googling a lot of her elementary school friends. I do this periodically as well and occasionally have some success, but for the most part it’s a washout and I can’t find the person I’m looking for. It’s particularly hard to find the women since when they get married they usually adopt their husband’s last name. It’s easier to find the men – thus my ability to find my old pal John Austin, and my old raving buddy Techno Boy Joey.

So a couple days ago I Googled a guy I was friends with in college, and it didn’t take long to find him – it turns out he’s a chaplain for a major league baseball team. Now I admit that when we were in college I had a crush on him (it was the red hair and the snarky sense of humor), but once he started dating my friend Amy we became good friends, which I’m much more grateful for. We’d get into arguments about the validity of intelligence of football players (I claimed the players were all idiots, and he’d get offended (he was a football player at our college) and attempt to prove otherwise). He’d make fun of my boyfriends, which was okay since I didn’t care for some of them myself (hello David K!).

After college we kept in touch for the first couple of years, but then he moved to Texas to work at a youth camp (taking my proffered acoustic guitar with him that I got from another friend of ours in college) and I continued delving into the rave culture and all that goes with it. A couple short postcards later and we lost touch.

Until I found a generic email address online that was given as his. I took a chance and emailed that address, and sure enough – this morning I came into work and found that he had emailed back! What a treat to find out what he’s been doing since I last saw him (about ten years ago). Life is good and he’s got a wonderful family and an awesome job. Hopefully we’ll keep in touch – it would be nice to be around that snarky sense of humor again, even if it’s just by the occasional email.

I’ve given him the addresses for our various blogs, and invited him to come visit. So hello, Mark!

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