Birthday Cards

One thing my firm does really well is acknowledge all birthdays within the firm. First thing in the morning, one of our HR folks sends out a birthday announcement for that person. It usually results in that person getting 60-70 emails back from others in the firm saying happy birthday. Sometimes the person is lucky enough to warrant a cake, or cookies, which end up in the breakroom for all to enjoy. And every year they also put Birthday Cards on our chair, given by “the Firm” and which includes money – maybe $30-50. THAT is definitely appreciated!

The cards they use are pretty generic, and I think if they are going to go to all the trouble of giving cards to each employee on their birthday, then they should step it up a bit and give nicer cards. I like the one pictured here – it’s festive but modern. Even better? They can be personalized! Sure, they are bulk-ordered (the lowest number you can order is 25), but you can still have something like “The Firm wishes you a happy birthday!” rather than a blank card with the corporate initials written inside. Maybe that’s just me.

Although I suppose I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth right? Just take the money and run…*lol*

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