Bill Is The Mole

So Bill was the Mole. I was (sort of) right. Actually, I cheated and joined a board that discussed theories and concluded upon reading OTHER people’s ideas that Bill was the Mole. I am happy Dorothy won though, because most of my friends just KNEW she was the Mole, so I love the irony of her victory.

I loved seeing the whole cast together last night on the finale. It’s so great to see that they really get along well and had a good time. None of the strife and strain of the other reality tv shows like Big Brother and Survivor. The only other reality show like that is The Amazing Race, which I still want to try out for if it comes back for a FOURTH season (Season Three being is filmed right now).

And I’m still in love with Anderson Cooper. He was fun to watch on the show last night as well because he was so obviously enjoying himself. A few minutes after the show was over my sister called and said, “Your man Anderson is on CNN right now interviewing someone.” I threw down the phone and switched to CNN and there he was. Ack – I couldn’t look away. Those blue eyes are to die for. I have SO got a major crush on him. *sigh*

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  1. Your boss reminds you of Anderson? Where on earth do you live and is he married? Uh, I mean, Cool. that’s cool. =)

    Really Denis, you know I wouldn’t leave you for anything but the original. 😉

  2. I caught quite a bit of Anderson on CNN this weekend. I think he’s a regular anchor on the weekend for CNN, in the early morning. I was in Chicago and saw him from 6am (CT) until we left the hotel at 7:30am (CT) on both Sat and Sun.

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