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Do you ever get the feeling Big Brother is watching you — and he’s a Republican?

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  1. I’ve been battling with Republicans on Jen’s web site, so I figured I’d bring the argument over here. I know Jaynee’s not going to stand for that. And this is HER web site, right? Actually, hers and O’s now. I’m just a bit player, an after-thought, a guest, yada, yada, yada. *lol*

  2. You’re a major player here, after all, what would the site be without all the pics? Perhaps we can continue the other discussion over at Jen’s. I’ll go check it out.

  3. You don’t want to go there. (Probably too late.) I’m a major player, but that’s because this is Jaynee’s and O’s web site. *lol* I am a servant. Oh, well. At least I’m a good one.

  4. OK – Now thats just a ridiculous comment D – “Servant” – Where the fudges does that come from?

    Thats liek my Dad saying to me on tehphone yesterday (bear in mind he is on a farm in Ireland);

    “What you need is to get married and have a man take care of you; a woman can’t survive on her own – They need a man – Life gets lonely for them …..”

    Needless to say I saw blood …..

    I’m still FUMING

  5. Not that me having to get married ’cause my Father said so – Iwas just comparing the ridiculousness of his comment and your comment abot the servant ….

    In my opinion, BOTH are ridiculous comments, wellmaybe my Dad’s is more ridiculous (if that can be possible) – I mean for goodness sake its 2003 ???? I know he is out living in th sticks in the middle of Ireland, but GIVE ME A BREAK – I’m only 31 – To spite him NOW I DEFINATLE WILL NOT GET MARRIED *lol* !

  6. Mare-bear, I am a servant, not in the feudal sense of the word, even Jaynee’s mom will agree to that, and you do need to get married and have a man take care of you. *lol* What are you waiting for? Do you want to start popping out kids when you’re 40? Jaynee will tell you, it doesn’t get any easier as you get older. Get married, have kids, settle down in the country. That’s the life. Your dad’s a smart man. *grin*

  7. Mare-Bear, Denis’ use of “servant” is based on the way my mom uses the word for Denis – meaning he’s willing to help out and do things for others whether he’s asked to or not. It’s a compliment.

  8. That’s right, and many times he puts the interests of others ahead of his own, not to gain their approval, but just because he enjoys doing it. Not every wife has a servant husband. Not every husband has a servant wife. It is a true gift in some people – others have to really work at it. Denis is a gem.

  9. Denis – I believe you started the debate at my blog, right? It’s been fun to watch! 😀

    Mare-Bear – we single women in our 30s need to band together to educate old school thinking…I don’t need a man for anything except maybe to carry heavy stuff and fix some things. 😆

  10. I’m just glad this original post didn’t turn into a political rant like at that other blog that will remain nameless. *lol*

    Mary and Jen, you don’t ever need to get married. In my eyes, you’re perfect just the way you are. Have a great weekend all. I’m off to get my hair cut soon.

  11. Not only is he a Republican, he wears a Members Only jacket!

    The scariest kind…

    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

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