Big Boo!

So how ticked was I when I drove up to my ob-gyn’s office and found it completely darkened. A note on the door said that my doctor’s office was participating in the strike wreaking havoc around my state. Now, if you click on that article you’ll notice the line, “the state ha[s] canceled pediatric checkups and mammograms. They have rescheduled nonemergency surgery and appointments with pregnant women.”

Yeah, but you know what? They didn’t bother contacting me to reschedule my appointment. So I spent two hours commuting from my job in NYC to their office only to find no one there.

Now, I would have supported their right to strike if they had bothered to call me to let me know not to come in. But since I go no call, they get no support. What they didn’t do is unacceptable and I won’t support it.

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  1. BIG no-no on Dr’s part. If they are going to strike fine but they need to contact the patients who have appointments or maybe one day they won’t have anymore patients to worry about if that is the way they treat you. Not good to piss off woman who is 7 months pregnant. Don’t they see what you did single handed to JD Adams?

  2. It’s a commentary on our society as a whole – no one has manners anymore. (Well, I shouldn’t say no one – there are a few of us out there that do have manners.) It’s just rude not to inform your patients that your office will be closed.

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