Battle of the Ballads

First of all, if all those around you are singing ballads, Carmen What’s-Your-Name, why on EARTH would you decide to sing “Call Me” by Blondie? You are SO getting kicked off tonight, and I’m glad Simon finally said something truthful about your performances.

Bottom three is easy to pick from last night. Kimberly Caldwell, who proved she can’t sing ballads (I knew that had to be the case), Carmen What’s-Her-Name, and Rickey Smith, who wasn’t bad per se, but he was nowhere near the calaber of Josh Gracin, Roo-ben, or Kimberly Locke.

And yes, Clay sang another ballad (I pray we have an Aerosmith Week just so that he has to sing SOMEthing uptempo).

Of the bottom three, I’m glad that Carmen What’s-Her-Name will finally get the boot, and Kimberly Caldwell isn’t far behind.

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  1. I have to agree with you on this one this week. Carmen picked the wrong song for her pop style. I think they should just give Ruben now.

  2. I don’t know, Kimberly Caldwell may be the one to get the boot.

    I think Joshua is getting some “we’re winning the war in Iraq and we love you, Marine” love. He was OK for me last night. Country is definitely his thing.

    And as much as I love Clay, I agree about your Aerosmith comment. Can you imagine if Steven Tyler was the guest judge next week? The visual of him sitting between Paula and Simon…heh.

  3. I think Carmen will go, but KimCaldwell derves to leave just as much. Actually, if those two had switched songs, they would have been much better off. I can totally see Kim doing Blondie, and Carmen would have done Brian Adams justice.

    I *LOVED* Lionel Ritchie as a judge. He actually had watched the show before and gave good constructive criticism… After Earth Wind and Fire, this was quite refreshing!

  4. I can finally comment on all this stuff since I actually took the time to watch the show (not on TiVo). I think Clay actually did a better job last night than on some of his other performances…but I just don’t think he is “superstar quality”.., I had to agree with Simon, as bad as I hate to (agree w/Simon)! I think Carmen and Kimberly Caldwell would be good in a karaoke bar…but that’s about it…Kimberly maybe a model for StarSearch as opposed to singing. Trenyce was alright…and I think Rickey wasn’t bad either. I didn’t think Kimberly Locke struck me although she is a good singer and shouldn’t be in the bottom 3. I think Josh knows his element and as Paula said “Josh is back.” Reuben…what can I say…he is just the best. He has a great stage personality and knows how to pick great songs for his voice.

  5. Yes, can we please get rid of Kimberly and Rickey. Rickey seems like a great guy, but that super-high voice of his just grates on my nerves. And just looking at Kimberly irritates me. She just seems so very fake.

    Also, I heart Clay and Reuben!

  6. Reuben is the best of the bunch hands down. Just give him the prize and let’s move on to American Idol 3.

  7. Denis, I agree – I think that unless he ROYALLY screws up over the next few weeks that Rooo-ben will be the winner, hands down.

  8. uhmm no!!!! clay should win!!! rubin is good but clay is much better…

    as far as kimberly, she looks likea pig, so we call her pig face!!! shes ugly and fake and cant sing!!!

  9. Kimberly Locke should heed the age old advice “Well reared girls should not wear slacks”. Self-explanitory… But she can “SANG”…

  10. I don’t remember what Kimberly was wearing last night, but I do remember saying this is the slimmest she’s ever looked, so I’ll have to take issue with your opinion.

    In the meantime, the two blondes must go!

  11. Let’s be real about this thing. The competition is a search for the best performer and singer. That is someone who can sing anything! Let’s eliminate Garth-er Josh right away. (He can sing (country) but it sucks that patriotism is overshadowing the purpose of this competition.)Carmen-JUST GO AWAY!!!! Her presence is an insult to the talent of the other competitor’s-she cannot even be closely compared to talents of even the weakest of them. Kimberly Caldwell can only sing rock – although I like her overall she’s not a total package. Let’s just give it to Ruben as the clear winner. When he comes on stage the studio audience rises to their feet like their at a concert and the headliner has just arrived. Next is Trenyce and then Clay. Trencye is a like an extra value meal- definately NOT a pretty girl but she can sing and her stage presence is unmatched by any of the other finalist. She loves the camera and she is “on” from start to finish. Clay has weird facial expressions but IS a star in a Billy Joel kind of way. Kimerly Locke has been my personal favorite since singing Band of Gold with Frenchie but she has had a rocky performance or two. Inspite of that I’m still loyal to her and the big voice that can belt out soft ballads, jazz tunes and the big soul stirring ones too. Not just anybody can sing It’s Raining Men and put Martha Wash to shame but she did. I think she will be the next Tamyra Gray in that she wont win the competition but ultimately – she will be the real winner.

  12. Yanni, I couldn’t agree more. Just give it to Ruben, let him eat a sandwich and let’s rap this thang up!

  13. You are just jealous of the most attractive of the remaining contestants.I see her as the next Carmen Electra. That could mean she will soon be hosting an MTV show or maybe dating Dennis Rodman. 😉

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