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So I was able to leave work at 4 p.m. at the same time as Mr. Sutherland left. I stopped by the store to pick up a new infant thermometer (we lost ours sometime in the night – we’ve no idea where it went). A quick test resulted in a 100.3 fever for CootieBoy at 5:10 p.m.

Denis left to go get some more work done, and I spent just under an hour sitting with CootieBoy in the rocker. He fussed the entire time – the tired fussing of a baby beyond tired but unable to relax into sleep. Finally I put him down at 6 p.m. to see if he’d fall asleep. I came upstairs to work on my old company’s brochure for a bit. After an hour the text portion was done so I took a break and went down to join Denis, who had in that time come home with CootieGirl.

We fed CootieBoy a 4 oz bottle of milk (big mistake, we know, but he refused the Pedialyte) then gave him a jar of fruit. Hopefully we can keep his temp down this evening so that we don’t get to see the milk and fruit later on this evening. After the bottle he seemed to calm down, and when Denis started to feed him the fruit he was downright giddy. Obviously the poor kid is hungry.

Denis found out when he picked up CootieGirl that one of the kids there had a fever for a week and a couple other kids are now coming down with it even those the first boy remained home after day one. Let’s pray that CootieBoy isn’t sick for a week – or that the rest of us don’t catch what he’s got. There is too much going on this week for any of us to get sick.

Anyway, once dinner was done I came back up and did the remaining changes to the corporate brochure and am now waiting to get a response from the writer about one specific change he requested that would be labor intensive. I recommended an alternative that would take only 5 minutes to do. Once he gets back to me I’ll make the change as he wants and then I’ll be done and can send him back the document. Hopefully he’ll come back with the go-ahead to do the easy change which will take 5 minutes.

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