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This morning I’m taking CG back to the pediatrician to have her toe looked at. Last night it looked okay, but not great. This morning it is a lot redder, more swollen, and leaking a lot of fluid – so obviously they didn’t get all the infection out. Since CG won’t let ME touch it to avoid a doctor visit, it’s back to the doctor we go. I’ve already left messages with Mr. BIL and CG’s teacher to advise them of this morning’s drop-in. I’m hoping to get out of there as fast as Denis did yesterday when he took her.

Update at 9 a.m.: The pediatrician refused to see her without an appointment, and there wasn’t one until 11:30 a.m. So I decided to drain the infection myself. I got some out, but not all. But the screaming coming out of my daughter’s mouth was unbearable so I stopped and called the pediatrician back. Miracle – they had a 10 a.m. cancellation! So we’re home for the next 45 minutes and then I’ll take her in.

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  1. I had a really bad infection in my toe/nail a few weeks ago and a warm vinegar soak followed by a rinse in peroxide, then neosporin + bandaid really helped a lot.

  2. The doctor squeezed out more stuff this morning and also advised to do hot soaks, including one right away. So I took the girl home, bleach washed the bathtub, and then soaked her foot in a Hibiclense/water solution for about 5-10 minutes. Will do the same tonight before bed.

  3. I think in # 2 above I came across as more of a buttinski than I intended. I apologize.

    I am sometimes more like my father than I care to admit.

    Love all round,

  4. By the way, you need a picture for Uncle Bill ~ it would be fun to see if you can find something that resembles him, as well as my likeness in the above photo.

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