Back To Normal…

Now that Denis is back from his trip to Vegas, things are back to normal. Kids are behaving better, bed seems less empty, house is cleaner. *lol*

This morning I didn’t have to rush to get out of the house by 7:15 p.m. to make sure CG made it to school on time. WOO HOOO!!!

One thing I did do this morning was seek out cheap gas. I have vowed NEVER to go to the station near my house that needlessly rose its prices by almost 70 cents last Friday during the “Great Ike Price-Gouge of ’08.” Normally they have decent prices compared to stations around our house, but they fact that they were twenty cents HIGHER than everyone else during the gas panic pissed me off. So I won’t be giving them my business anymore.

I had noticed over the weekend that a Texaco down near the new Wal-Mart was charging about $3.68, so I drove down there only to find bags on all the pumps – they were out of gas. So I drove back towards the house and found yet another station out of gas. I was now down under 1/4 a tank and freaking out that I would have to go to the station I no longer want to use (which is currently charging $3.99). Alas, I was able to find a small gas station that not only had gas, but was selling it at $3.68/gallon! The hitch? You had to pay the cashier inside as opposed to using the pay-n-pump feature. And the line was 10 people deep. But at $3.68/gallon I wasn’t going to leave, so I quickly pulled in, waited in line 15 minutes and put in $35. I’ve now got 7/8ths of a tank for a reasonable (ha!) price.

In TV news, am I the only one that watches “The Cleaner” starring Benjamin Bratt? It’s on Lifetime or A&E or some channel like that. It’s about a former drug addict who now works as an unconventional interventionist. It’s actually a well-done show and it has become one of my favorite shows to Tivo. Since it’s a cable show, it does have bad language, but considering the subject matter it isn’t out of place.

I’ve discovered a few more people from my past life on Facebook. I joined FB last month because MySpace sucks. Last night I did a couple random searches of people I haven’t talked to since I got married and have found a few of them. It’s kind of cool to catch up after not speaking for 12 years.

Lastly, apparently yesterday was picture day at CootieGirl’s school. I had no idea, and so she was NOT dressed up. I remember filling out the form for the package we wanted to order, but I never saw the actual day it was taking place. I figured a note would come home with CG the day before saying, “Don’t forget – tomorrow is picture day!” or something like that. Nope. At least she was wearing pink so it didn’t clash too badly with the purple background that we had selected for her. And her shirt wasn’t a total mess (she was only photographed from the waist up). Her hair? Well, that’s another story. I’m sure that was a hot mess now that she insists on brushing her hair herself every day.

That’s it for now. I do have a movie review coming up – I meant to post it yesterday but never got around to it. But since the office is emptying out in about an hour I’ll have NOTHING but time this afternoon to goof off. All of the attorneys are leaving at 1 p.m. for a weekend retreat in Charleston. WOO HOOO!!!

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  1. GAS –
    We have a rule in our house (see Anthony’s rule) that we too aren’t allowed to use the gas station closest to us. Why? Well, Anthony went there about 8 months ago and they accusted him of breaking the hose (the thing) as they liked to call it. It turns out that Anthony had already given the guy his credit card to pump the gas when he started accusing him of breaking “the thing”. Anthony was having none of it at 5:30AM and told the dude to totally forget about pumping the gas and to give him his card back… The Gas attendant backed away with Anthony’s card and told him he had to call his boss. Anthony got out of the car and chased (CHASED) the man around the parking lot for his card. Apparently, Anthony threatened him and the man tossed the card on the ground. As mentioned before, we are no longer “allowed” to purchase gas there.

    Facebook –
    Its your fault I wasted 37 minutes yesterday on facebook…. LOL

    Picture –
    You will remember the picture for the rest of your life. Kids aren’t supposed to have great school pictures. Its the rule. Look at it this way, at least she has an indivdual school photo. When I was here age (Ooo that makes me sound old) they used to gather us up like cattle and march us down to the library and have a group photo.


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