Back At Work – In Modest Pain

My tooth certainly doesn’t hurt as much as it did yesterday before the root canal, but it does still feel sensitive. As such – I’m loathe to eat/drink anything. I did have some leftover meatloaf last night as well as a bowl of cereal, after going almost 24 hours without eating or drinking anything for fear of the pain it might incur.

I’m not allowed the painkillers the doctor prescribed because they may cause a reaction with the meds I’m on for the medical study. Fortunately, the pain has been tolerable and I haven’t even needed a Tylenol yet. That’s the good news.

In other good news, Mr. BIL is out of the office today so I’m able to do catchup without feeling overwhelmed. So far today I’ve returned all the phone call messages I received yesterday and have done a little dictation. A nice quiet morning.

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