Back and Forth

My scale this morning was quite fickle. It WANTED me to be down 13 pounds when I first got on. But the second and third time I stepped on it it said I was down 12.5. (yes, I weigh myself three times – I take the “worst 2 of 3” and chart that.) So I put 12.5 on my spreadsheet, knowing that by tomorrow I should be at 13 pounds gone. WOO HOOO!! But regardless, do you know that since starting on the weight loss study (9 days ago) I’ve lost 3.5 pounds? IN NINE DAYS. Now, I know that’s not the drugs – that’s the lower calorie limit that they gave me. But still. I have 3 more weeks before my next appointment. Won’t they DIE if I walk in and have an 8-10 pound loss in four weeks? And that’s WITHOUT EXERCISE, people.

Last night I talked with the other keyboardist in the church band. She’s a nurse and was quizzing me on the medical weight loss study. I told her that I believe this is their third time doing the study and that previously people have lost about 5.8% additional weight from those who didn’t take the drug. She said that if they are indeed doing multiple studies one after the other, it’s probably now just a dosage issue. As in, “if 250 mg resulted in 5.8% extra weight lost, can 350 mg result in 7.5%?” She said she wants me to keep her updated on the progress as well as any side effects. It’s handy to have a friend who’s a nurse that I can talk to in between my monthly doctor visits!!

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