CootieGirl Is Sick

CootieGirl is very sick today. She went in for her regular doctor checkup yesterday and had a fever. The doc couldn’t find any sign of infection, so he asked us to take a urine sample so that he could test for a urinary tract infection.

In the meantime, last night she had a 103.3 fever at one point, and spent most the night crying. This morning her fever was 100.9, and since we couldn’t take her to daycare and couldn’t NOT go to school/work, we dropped her off at the house of someone in our church, who will look after her until Denis can pick her up at 2 p.m.

So pray for her, that she’ll feel better and that the doc will be able to pinpoint what her illness is and treat it quickly and painlessly.

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  1. I should have logged on earlier in order to pray earlier… Am trusting that she will be better very soon. Call me if you need me.

  2. Poor CootieGirl. Hope it turns out to nothing but a cold. Hope she feels better soon. I’ll keep all of you in my prayers.

  3. So the doctor thinks she may have roseola. Maybe another day or more of fever followed by a body rash. Keep praying for her good health. My mom and brother or coming over early tomorrow to take care of her. CootieGirl had a temperature of 100.6 last time I checked a few hours ago. Sounds like it’s going to be another restless night for us.

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