1. OK so you know MY opinion but she really is so cute!!! Not so much around 3 this morning but a little angel all the same!!!

  2. Hey Tara – It’s Mary !

    Congrats to you and Rob !! And yes she truly is the most adorable little baby girl ever (apart from all my nieces of course). My friend just gave birth to a little baby boy a few weeks ago, and the other night he just would not go to sleep, crying for hours each time Lorelei left him into his crib – Lorelei then proceeded to take off her t-shirt, layed it into the crib, put junior into the crib on top of her t-shirt and VOILA, instant sleep !!!

    Something to do with the Moms smell …. Hey if it works I say *smile* !

  3. Hi Mary, Thank you so much…maybe you will meet her at Autumn Game Night at the cootie house! Rob and I hope to make it out that night. The other night Rob put one of my shirts on his chest and it instantly calmed her down too…made me feel so loved!!! I agree whatever works!!!

  4. Game Night. Whoo Hoo!!! We are thinking of canceling or moving Game Night for lack of attendance. We have to get a hard count on this. Sounds like a web thing coming.

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