Baby Cootie, Day Two

More sleep (for me), just as cute (CootieGirl). Wait! Actually, I think she’s cuter. Can she get any cuter? You betcha.

Jaynee is resting and recuperating from her surgery. You probably read her post above this one.

Jaynee’s dad is coming up for a visit tomorrow. Jaynee’s co-worker, Mary, and her boyfriend, Sully, came up for a visit tonight. Great to see her. She has an Achilles strain and was limping slightly. Hope she gets better real soon. She looks great and looks even better holding a baby as you’ll see in the pics. Sully took a big pass on holding the baby and I understand. Someone told him it was like holding a football. They don’t call it fumbling for nothing.

O mostly sleeps. For that she takes after Jaynee. The looks might come from me. Let’s see as she gets older. She’s got red/strawberry blonde hair. Very cute. Hope you can see it in some of these pics. We think she may have gotten the color from each of our grandfathers. Jaynee said the hair a baby is born with falls out and new hair comes in. Not sure if that’s true, but I hope the new hair is the same color. Very pretty.

When we arrived home from the hospital last night, my mother-in-law walked in the house with a box wrapped in gift paper. I didn’t even see it in front of the house. I assumed one of our neighbors dropped it off. I brought it into the hospital for Jaynee to open up and it turns out the box was filled with baby stuff — including the bear in these pics — from the great folks at my office. Thanks guys!

The rainbow hat on CG’s head in the first pic was knitted by my mom.

Jaynee’s being released from the hospital on Monday. I’m not sure I mentioned that already. That’s when the real fun beings and we become parents who can’t expect the women in the nursery to change and feed her when she cries at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Now let’s get to the good stuff — the pics! Enjoy.

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  1. That’s what I thought. We won’t be leaving for the hospital until Jaynee’s dad gets here and that probably won’t be until after 1 o’clock. That’s okay. Gives Jaynee more time to rest and get used to taking care of CootieGirl with out me or mom.

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