Babies All Over The Place

Okay, so Suzi, the woman at my church, had her baby – turns out I never got the email (neither did Denis…did we offend somebody?). Ethan Michael was born just after midnight yesterday. YAY for the proud parents. They now have two boys and one girl – you gotta wonder if they are going to go for a fourth and another girl to make it “even”?

Meanwhile, Suzi’s sister, Deby (our former childcare person), is due with her third in September. And another woman at my church is due in June with her third.

And Fluid Pudding is now due any day with her second.

And I just found out that someone else I know is preggers with her first (will go unnamed for privacy’s sake).

So you know what it means right? I’m positively itching to get pregnant again.

*tries to catch Mary before she falls over in a faint at the idea of Jaynee being preggers at her wedding in December*

Now, I’m not going to run home and get pregnant – CootieBoy is 8 months old, and while I would prefer to get pregnant now so that all the kids are 16 months apart from the next one on the chain, I’m going to go ahead and wait until August to seriously discuss with Denis the timing on a third. Mary would kill me if I was 8 months pregnant and in her wedding party. *lol*

But if I got preggers in September/October I would barely be showing at Mary’s December 3rd wedding, it would give me five months to continue losing weight and get down (at least) to my CootieBoy pre-pregnancy weight, and that would give me a June/July 2006 baby. By then CootieGirl would be three, CootieBoy would be almost two. That could work.

Baby fever, man. It’s white hot.

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  1. I got a fever for my own nephew or neice to spoil. Jen, get busy tying up loose ends with that new man of yours.

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