I’ve been up since 4:53 this morning. An anyone else without babies say that? And she’s crying again. So that makes two of us who’ve been up since that time. Let me try to quiet her down… She’s over tired. She’s asleep again. That was easy. Just a gentle rock, but I’m sure she’ll be up again in a few seconds.

In the meantime, enjoy the non-crying CootieGirl. She’s in a bouncy seat given to us by our friends Rob, Tara and Gracie, although CG can’t enjoy it yet. It does light up, shake, and play music.

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  1. Ahhh, she’s got her new sleeper on! Yea! What a cutie even if she does keep her dad up all night. Jaynee, that’s a great pic of you. Need a copy. Hint, hint. Also, D, somehow I missed getting a copy of the three of you on the bench. Don’t have the abilility of copying the pics myself.

  2. man, i remember those days with a newborn. i remember getting used to getting up at 3am and catching ‘world news now’ on ABC while bottle feeding our first child. ooopphhh. it was rough. the pics are too cute, btw. 🙂

  3. Dan, there’s no TV in the baby’s room so no “World News Now” for us. I do get to hear a lot of lite music on the CD player we have in her room.

    Both Busy Mom and Dan, thanks for the kind words. We think she’s darn cute too!

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