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So I ordered my credit report today – it’s a “3-in-1” report where all three top agencies are listed side by side so I can compare and make sure they all have the same info.

For the most part, they do infact have everything correct. There are a couple minor things that aren’t worth changing at this point. However, I discovered that there were four OLD credit cards still “open”. When I say old, I mean almost 10 years old.

I called the first one, a card for automotive services, and they were helpful and proceeded to begin the process for removing that card from my credit report. The second place I called (based on the telephone number provided on the credit report) said they don’t deal with Mastercard and don’t know why I was given their number. The guy recommended I dispute the credit card appearance on my report and have it removed that way. The third company is a department store I haven’t visited since who knows when, and will simple enough to cancel.

It’s the fourth one that is troubling me. It said axsys/fngrht which at first totally confused me. Then after a momentary search online I realized it was FINGERHUT, this god-awful mail-order business that I haven’t dealt with since just after I graduated from college in 1991. And yet according to my credit report, I opened an account with them in January 2000. It also said I had an outstanding balance of $391 based on activity in April 2001.

Surfing a bit more online, I discovered that I’m not the only one. Apparently Axsys took over Fingerhut (which no longer exists), and then has scammed people into paying hundreds of dollars in “unpaid” bills. When confronted, Axsys claims there is no record of payment under their regime, and requires you to prove you paid.

Well, if you are like me and ordered things TEN YEARS AGO AND PAID THE AMOUNT DUE, then of course Axsys isn’t going to have a record of it – they only took over Fingerhut a couple years ago. Apparently they didn’t bring along the Fingerhut consumer histories.

Thankfully, these people have never contacted me about this outstanding balance, and I’ll politely leave them alone as well. My credit report says no payment is due, so I’ll live and let live. But if I order my report in the future and find my balance amount has gone up, then I’m getting on the phone with my local newstation and getting some consumer satisfaction.

Don’t think I won’t.

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  1. Just thought that I would let you know that I am currently having the same difficulty with Axsys/Fingerhut. Ever since they have taken over in 1999, It seems that Every time I send them a check, they cash it, but never post it to my account. I have having an all out war with them! Please consider yourself lucky. They say I owe over 800.00 but They have not corrected, or have even attempted to correct this problem in over 3 years. I argue with them constantly. Now I think I shall get an attorney involved.

  2. A couple of years ago I ordered a car stereo and some clothes from these people, with the payments being really low I could not go wrong. But I was in for a suprise If you miss one payment they will send you a statement saying that you missed your payment. How could this be when I am doubling or tripling the payment of 7 or 8 bucks a month. Then the phone harrassment they call at all hours of day and night, wanting to know where there payment is. I told them the chcek number and the amount they say they never received it. But my records say that it was sent. I was a former fingerhut costmer too, when this new company took over its a nightmare. they can’t even keep good records now that to me is crazy. I may to look into legal advice.

  3. card services
    stop calling my house my bill of $28.00 was paid back in febuary 2004 i do not owe your company anymore money so stop calling me and stop sending bills to my house
    thank you
    sandy folts

  4. is there any on that can give me a number for card services? How do i get a hold of these people? i haven’t gotten a statement from these people in 4 years and now they say i owe $149 accoring to my recent credit report.

  5. I am also having mega problems with Fingerhut/Axsys National Bank…I don’t know if this will help anyone, but after trying to get hold of anyone that could help me with bogus billing practices I found some resources. I have a phone number for Card Services. It is 1-800-755-9333. Also, there is this website…ripoffreport.com. I was looking for any legal advice/solutions to my problem and was shocked at how many people have been scammed by Fingerhut. Hope this helps somebody.

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