At Least One Goal for 2015

I told Denis this weekend that I know of at least one goal for 2015: Clean our home office.

Seriously, sitting in the room it just feels like it’s a huge mess. We’re slowly losing floor space to the point where the dogs won’t have anywhere to lie down when we’re in here.

Don’t get me wrong – we’re not hoarders. We don’t have piles of stuff from floor to ceiling. But we do have piles of stuff. And it’s mostly piles of stuff that don’t need to be kept but we’ve just been too lazy to go through and toss. This is the one room where we have absolutely let clutter take over to a serious degree. The past two weekend we had parties and made sure the office doors were shut completely so no one could see just how bad it has gotten in there.

Here, let me show you a few pictures (for full transparency):

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See? This room has become a junk/overflow room and it needs to be dealt with. Denis hasn’t been a realtor for over 7 years and yet we still have all his old realtor stuff. We have a laptop AND a desktop CPU that no longer function – why do we keep them? Just pull the hard drives and put them out the pasture. The dresser in one picture is packed with documentation to software we don’t even have anymore, or gadgets long gone.

And so it’s my mission this year to attack this room and get it cleaned up. You’ve seen the “before” pictures – hopefully by spring (bit by bit – I’m not energetic enough to try and get it all done in a weekend) we’ll have gone through everything in this room and either find it’s proper place or get rid of it. Then I’ll be able to show lovely “after” pictures and not feel the room has to be closed off when company comes over.

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  1. Donate your old computers to a reputable computer shop/repair place that e-cycles! Most of these places will even wipe your old hard drives for you.

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