As The Weekend Closes…

Well, I did a few things on my list for the weekend. Denis and I did manage to get up all the leaves from the backyard. The good news is that one of our huge trees is completely bare of leaves. The bad news is the bigger tree still has half of them. Oh well – at least Cooper can run around the yard freely now, which he couldn’t before.

I plan on having CootieGirl sleep sans pacifier tonight. In fact, I put it in her drawer so that it’s not even visible when I put her to bed tonight. I know she’ll look for it and cry, but if the crying is less than 60 seconds before she settles, then I know the pacifier can stay there for good. No more pacifiers (CootieBoy only uses it to settle when he’s royally upset, otherwise he doesn’t use one).

I did make the half-sheet Synergy ad for the church bulletins, and with any luck they’ll run next week. I emailed it to the church office, so unless I hear otherwise, I’m good to go.

I did go walking with Sharon yesterday but only for 45 minutes because it was so dang cold we couldn’t feel our faces after a while. We won’t be walking this coming weekend because I’ll be in Central Park for a race.

Denis and I did watch a couple movies but I’ll post about those tomorrow – it’s become my Monday thing – to review the movies I see over the weekend. Why mess with a good thing?

I also kissed my children a lot this weekend, as planned, as well as my husband. I also cleaned CootieGirl’s bed and put away a lot of her summer clothes that just won’t work now that the mornings are in the 20s. Somehow I think she’d get strange looks if she went out in shorts nowadays.

I did not try to get CootieGirl to nap in her toddler bed. I just don’t have the energy to do it. I also did not vacuum the upstairs of the house. But I’m quite pleased that I got all the other stuff done. A nice productive weekend! Tonight we’ll watch another movie – a nice relaxing way to finish the weekend.

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