As i commute home i

As i commute home i am trying to decide what color to paint the living room. I had originally thought to go with yellow, but with the new sofar now i’m thinking about red. What do u think of that?

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  1. Yikes! What a switch. Well, I would have to see the sofa fabric. Wait till you come and see the two rooms I have painted yellow and you may want to stick with that choice. They look fabulous!
    And I have heard that those who paint a room red wind up doing three or four coats – how does that sit with you?

  2. I laughed at Marmie’s “Yikes” !!

    J, you know my feelings about red – I painted my living room a similar color about a year ago (and yes, I DID have to paint it over something like 3 times, as the lines kept showing through) and within 5 months of paining it, I dreaded coming home and seeing it on the walls each and every day.

    Two coats of heavy duty primer and two coats of pale yellow later, I am a MUCH happier woman.

  3. I’m a little hesistant on the red too. I’m assuming you’re talking about a brick red? Your room is large and it may be too much for it. Yellow is safer and easier to paint over if you change your mind later.

  4. Jen, when you think about it though – the red will be broken up quite a bit. Dining entryway on one wall, stairs on another, front door and bay window on the third, and the fireplace and windows on the fourth. So the red wouldn’t be THAT overwhelming in there.

  5. This isn’t trading spaces, we are going to have to live in this house. I think we stick with yellow and do red for the dining room maybe.

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